Mo's Pit BBQ & Cowboy Cuisine ~ Authentic Syracuse BBQ Restaurant

We are one of a handful of Barbecue Restaurants in the Syracuse area that includes the Dinosaur Barbecue. It is a very competitive environment and this has allowed us to raise the bar! We smoke all of our meats on site with wood and none of our smokers use gas as a heat source. *NO Weber grills* Only authentic pit barbecue, to us it's "All about the Meat!"

Mo's Pit BBQ and Cowboy Cuisine is not your typical corporate or franchise operation. Mo's is a Mom and Pop business where the owners cook the food, wait on tables and wash the dishes. At Mo's we take pride in our authentic pit-smoked meats, in-house made BBQ sauces and homemade sides. Mo's wood-fired smoker is right outside our back door.

Mo's Pit BBQ and Cowboy Cuisine began in 2007, but its roots began many years earlier. Founder and current Pit Master, Kevin Morrissey (Mo) owned a pizza shop from 1988-1999. One day in 1997, Kevin picked up a copy of the cookbook "Smoke and Spice: Cooking with Smoke, The Real Way to Barbecue" by Cheryl and Bill Jamison. Kevin read that book from cover to cover in two days. Mo was hooked on the story.

Having access to a commercial kitchen, Kevin went to work developing different recipes for BBQ sauce, coleslaw, beans, rubs, marinades, and brines. Kevin bought a small smoker and set out to hone the craft of pit smoked meat. Determined. Kevin cooked numerous batches of ribs and gave out the samples to bewildered customers of his pizza shop. They must have wondered why a pizza guy was handing out samples of spare ribs.

In 2006, Kevin scraped together enough cash to buy a van and a mobile smoker. He was ready to open his new BBQ business. But what to call this business? Morrissey's BBQ? Sounded like a good name for an Irish Pub. The simplest thing was to abbreviate. Thus, Mo's Pit Barbecue and Cowboy Cuisine was born.

Mo's Pit Barbecue and Cowboy Cuisine was founded on the principle that people appreciate good, homemade food, friendly service and fair prices in a clean atmosphere. We strive to uphold these values everyday.